About The Peggy Mangan Foundation

On the 24th September, Peggy Mangan left her home on Mount Tallant Avenue, Dublin 6W to take one of many daily walks she was accustomed to with her beloved dog Casper. Peggy’s body was located by a small group of volunteers that had mobilised on the afternoon of Saturday 28th September.

On the day that Peggy went missing, we had received confirmed sightings of Peggy and Casper on Clanbrassil Street and in Glasnevin. She was last spotted on CCTV passing Charlestown shopping centre in Finglas close to 10pm on Tuesday 24th September.

After reporting the incident to the Gardai, we organised our own search. We were supported by the Gardai with the Mounted Unit, the Garda Helicopter and Garda Dogs.

As time passed, we realised that if we were going to find Peggy and Casper, we needed to create more awareness and draw in more resources. We searched for 95 hours and it was volunteers that found Peggy and Casper. When located, Casper was still alive but sadly passed away just over two hours later while being checked out by a Vet.

So what did we do?

  • Contacted all radio stations and managed to get hourly updates out on News bulletins.
  • Got interviews on as many radio stations as possible appealing for help.
  • Had reports put out on RTE and TV3.
  • Contacted all transport companies and mailed them pictures of Peggy, including
    • Public Transport – Trains, Luas, Bus
    • Taxi companies
    • Courier Companies
    • An Post
    • All major haulier companies
  • Tapped into Facebook and the power of Social media and created a campaign that at its peak was viewed 802,000 times.
  • Got onto all local and national papers and got reports and updates published online and offline.
  • Contacted all major CCTV operators to get them to check specific times and locations
  • Contacted all retailers and asked them to pass the picture and details into all shops
  • Put posters and pictures up by volunteers in all locations close to where Peggy was spotted
  • Recruited Volunteer searchers that at it’s peak included over 500 persons
  • Checked with every Church, Hospital, homeless shelter, Restaurant, Pub, Shop, Petrol stations, cemetery and Tourist Attraction that was local to the area’s with reported sighting
  • Printed and Circulated flyers at all shopping centres and traffic junctions.
  • Sent volunteers with flyers to all major events – Football matches, charity walks etc… anywhere that there was an event nearby that had major traffic.
  • Contacted all transport authorities and asked them to circulate details of Peggy and Casper to all their members.
  • Checked all Industrial Estates, Parks, Housing Estates, outbuildings, abandoned Buildings etc..
  • Visited local schools at collection times to hand out leaflets
  • Emailed, texted, phoned, faxed everyone that we knew and encouraged them to do likewise to continue the publicity campaign.

Everything that we did was documented and marked off our map so that we could monitor where we had covered and what directions we needed to move volunteers in.

After our search, sadly we became aware of other resources that were available to ourselves and the Gardai. We believe that if they were called in sooner, if Peggy had been classified as high risk sooner and if there had been better support to our rapid reaction, we would have found Peggy sooner.

Those bodies, to name but a few include the Civil Defence, Irish Search Dogs and Dublin and Wicklow Mountain Rescue.

We are determined through the Foundation to make sure that change comes. Peggy and Casper could have been found sooner. If we can enact sufficient change that means one person is saved because of our Foundation, then our heartache will not be in vain.


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Cycle for Peggy and Casper Event
When: Sat, April 05, 2014. Where: Castlemartyr, Cork to Dublin City Centre

Peggys Tea and Coffee Morning
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