We’ve Reached Our Target

Published on 25 November 14

Last week we got over the target of €50,000. We are so incredibly thankful for all the help and support we've received from everyone in helping us to reach this milestone.

Raising this money will now enable us to fulfil our goal of getting the mobile outreach unit on the road. This unit will offer advice and support to people and their families suffering from alzheimers. The unit will be staffed by the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland. The unit will give the staff from the Alzheimer’s Society, and volunteers associated with it, an opportunity to increase awareness about dementia and promote brain health. The unit will be used at shopping centres, car parks, farmers markets, community halls and bring a service into the heart of Irish communities. We want to use this service to ensure that no-one faces dementia alone and that we can help answer your questions and guide you along the best possible route.

We are so incredibly happy to be able to fund the mobile outreach unit. We've been able to do this because of the dedication and support that we've received from the community and their generous donations. We thank you so much in helping to raise our target amount to get the mobile outreach unit on the road.

We're still counting all the donations that we've received, which this will go a long, long way in helping us to continue to keep the mobile outreach unit on the road. It costs €50,000 annually just to maintain this invaluable support service and, with your continued support and help, the Peggy Mangan Foundation will continue to work towards funding this service.

Again, we thank you for your help in reaching our target amount.

We hope to see you all again for the 2015 walk! Keep an eye throughout the year on our events page for more information on how you can help.

The Peggy Mangan Foundation

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